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    1. Jayne Willoughby logo



      "A life consciously created from core values is your greatest masterpiece."

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      Jayne Willoughby - Coaching


      "Everybody should have a coach. It's an essential part of life….Who are we to think we can manage in life without a coach?" ~Ben Zander

      Anyone who has worked with a well trained coach can attest to the value of that relationship on performance and attitude on the job, and in one's personal life. We all would benefit from working with a trained coach at different times in our lives.

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      Jayne Willoughby Leadership


      "Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames." ~Rumi

      Uniquely designed workshops and group activities, combined with individual coaching for team members, is most effective for group transformation and growth.

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      Jayne Willoughby - Creativity


      "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~Roald Dahl

      For over 20 years I have taught and coached artists and art groups, and have worked with arts organizations to help build and support strong communities. I am sought out by artists and arts organizations for critical feedback, "outside-the-box" thinking and a unique approach to transformational change.

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      Art Portfolio

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      Who I Am

      Jayne Willoughby
      • I want you to get excited about your life!
      • I want you to feel motivated and passionate about change!
      • I want you to overcome the obstacles that are getting in your way of being the very best you can be!

      If you are adventurous, like to challenge yourself, and want to make changes in your performance, then I encourage you to work with a trained professional coach to help you create long-lasting change.

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      What People Say...

      • "You were a constant presence in my life, which was a huge gift
        …… it was huge to have someone stick by me."

        L.S. - Physician
      • "I've had to confront my fears and work through them. As a result, it's freed me and I now know myself at a deeper level.
        You weren't afraid to ask the tough questions, even though I didn't like them. You held me accountable and responsible for finding my own answers. You coached, without telling me what to do."

        D.L. - Accountant
      • "Jayne, a rare gift to our world. Truth be told, I love her work and I love her presence,
        I trust her completely and feel grateful and privileged to call her my friend, coach and favourite artist."

        LOFTUS - International Communications Consultant
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      Get In Touch

      Contact Jayne

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      Home Base

      Edmonton, Alberta

      Office hours

      Variable and Flexible!